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Multistage coilgun need help Answered

I need help. 
I was able to make a single stage coilgun, Now I have a few questions regarding extra phases. The coilgun i have has four 300+ Volt capacitors with capacity of 470 uf. 

1)How do i activate them? Would it be possible to use a sensor switch like this?

If not, what would you recomend?

2)Would it be possible to make it so that after projectile passes a secondary phase, the phase starts to recharge automaticaly? 

Please help, and thank you!


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5 years ago

There are plenty of coildgun projects on the web, why not start there to get informations.
You need highspeed timers, hall effect sensors and ultr fast and powerful means of electronically switching the power to the coils.
No easy task and I am not in the mood to write a few pages of explanations here.