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Murphy Bed Challenge - concrete wall? Answered

I am moving into a former jeweler's office loft. Awesome! Not so awesome:  everything was built for MAX security. This means these jewelers installed concrete on walls around their safes.  This includes my new "bedroom" which is on the other side of a 10 foot safe.

I am attaching a pic with some notes on it to show you the challenge I am having. Since I wanted to  use a murphy bed, I found this tutorial here: https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Murphy-Bed-Installed-Sideways/

However, I do not have a murphy bed frame with which to do this. My bed weighs about 100-ish lbs and is a queen sized memory foam bed. For the masonry/concrete issue, I am considering mounting the murphy bed to the floor, as shown in the aforementioned tutorial.

Here are my concerns: 
1) How do I drill into concrete and masonry? What tools are best for this job?
2) Since I don't have a murphy bed frame, how do I properly build one?
3) Can I get shocks or springs going on this thing to make it easier to fold into the wall?
4) How can I get the folding-action just right? This room is SMALL, it only really is going to fit my bed.



6 years ago

There are several hardware that you can buy deconstruction kit that you can use, but I suggest that you must first consult your proposal to everyone, otherwise they will think that you might have something in your mind. When you need to fix those broken walls, I suggest alkali resistant fiberglass mesh when fixing, so it will return from its old state as if you did not broke anything.


7 years ago

How do I add a counterweight?


7 years ago

Hammer drill with masonry bit. Lead anchors. Ask any home improvement place for tips.

As for the tutorial link, it looks to me as if there is no spring or counterbalance in their design. If your bed weighs 100 lbs, and you lift it in this way, you will be lifting a max of 50 lb. The other 50 is supported by hinge on other side.

You might consider counterweight rather than springs.