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Murphy bed- Help! Answered

I'm currently building a Murphy (folding) bed and am thinking of geeking it out by making it fold up and down at the flick of a switch (or remote). I dont have very much experience with motors and was wondering if anyone could suggest a basic and CHEAP option for an eletric motor of some sort to do this and an easy option of configuring it to hold the bed up when not in use. At the moment the bed will be swinging/moving into the wall by way of floor mounted heavy duty draw mechanisms and will have a wire coming from either side and going to a conter weight by way of pulleys. The other option i considered was hydraulic lifters on either side but i know even less about hydraulics than i do motors! Any help is apreciated and i will post an instuctable of the construction of the bed mechanism once its finished. Cheers, Will


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Tool Using Animal
Tool Using Animal

14 years ago

Since you already have wires to the corners I'd suggest a cheap 12 volt winch from harbor freight, add some contact limit switches and you're good to go.