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Murphy style beds mechanism Answered

Hey guys,

I need some advice, I want to build a murphy style bed, in short i want the bed to look like so:

I have build and tested the shelf.leg system, it works pretty well and is weighted out nicely. the concept is going to use pistons to lower the bed for a smoother feel but what my concern is what would be the best way to build the pivot mechanism at low cost but high durability. the bed will have a sofa at the front also but not like the one in the link, my version will be more of a box with cushion and fabrik that i can store items away into.

Please use the link below to view a version of my concept for the pivot mechanism:
( i know there are a few misspelt words but it was just a quick mock up for you guys)

Any help is welcome - just dont advise me to buy the murphy bed mechanism as its to expensive and i believe i can build the entire bed for the same price :)



8 years ago

Instead of using a pipe, why not just a piano hinge along the seam that is created by the bed platform perpendicular to the bottom panel couch back? You might have to add a small platform extension for the pillow area so that the bed platform is recessed into the space most efficiently.