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Music Mashup: Anyone else looking to deconstruct songs layers they can mix and mash? Answered

Hello All. I am new to Instructables and would like to hear some feedback on my topic. With all the technologies available today does anyone know of an all encompassing program that can break down (deconstruct) songs into layers? As in break back down into the layers used to make the master recordings. So you can create your own mash ups? Say I want the guitar riff from AC/DC and a trumpet "layer" from Dizzy Gillespie and some singing from Madonna. Slow them or speed them up till it works for me. Not trying to steal others people stuff and publish it/ sell it, just mix and share for personal.  Please reply with your work if its in a studio, engineer, singer, label or software developer etc.

Much Appreciated,  CoolKat AKA Yellowshades (Entertainment Marketing)


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8 years ago

Once you have the final mix, it probably would be tough to extract an individual instrument. You might be able to filter that instrument by frequency range but that would not be exact. There are some methods to extract the voice, if it was generally mixed in the center channels from stereo. If you want to use just the instrument riffs, maybe try to find a MIDI encoded version of the song so you can play it back with all the other instruments muted. Good luck.