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Musician - let's collab on I'ble: make your tune mixable-from-phone Answered

I've written a mobile-friendly web-based audio-mixing toy called SynPhonia.
You can see a demo at http://j.mp/synpho (from computer or phone).

In the demo, I used a sample pack by DJ Vadim  that's available under a Creative-Commons license.

If you're a musician and you want such a toy for one of your tunes (because it's fun and because it promotes your music) - we can do this together and write an I'ble about it.

If you have a web server that can run all the stuff we need (python cgi, sox, lame) - cool.
If you don't - we can do it on my server (no charge. I'm only doing this for fun).

Anyone interested?

Note [This might be obvious to most of you, but just to be on the safe side]:
Your samples will be distributed under one of the Creative Commons licenses (I recommend the by-nc-sa variety, but it's your call). One thing you can't do is use any of the *nd* (no derivatives) licenses, since derivatives are exactly what people will be doing with your music :)
This means that people will be able to use your samples in their own music, but they'll need to give you credit (usually this is done by a link, and that's good for your SEO).  They should also conform to other conditions depending on the type of licnese you choose (e.g. you can limit this to non-commercial use by choosing one of the *nc* licenses).
Bottom line: If you're too attached to your music to afford such conditions (or if your song is already copyrighted to a non-cc record label), this is not for you :)


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