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My Arduino board affected by opening or closing any key to open any lamp in my house Answered

i am an Amateur in electrical engineering  i learned a few thing  about micro controllers and i mad a project
this project about light switch trigger by laser
the project Component of 1- Home made Arduino board 2-home made relay module 3- home made voltage regulator 4-tow 5V 1A adapters 5- laser 6- photo resistor  
the voltage regulator  take the power form the first adapter to supply 4.8V to the voltage regulate to out 4.8V to the laser and the laser pointed to the photo resistor and the adrduino board take the power from the second 5V adapter  looping on when the photo resistor value
less than 750 then switch the relay module to high and delay the code for 10000 M Seconds and then switch the relay to low and end
that is the project    BUT........?
when i installed this project to the real live on stairs fluorescent lamp .... first it takes a while to trigger the relay switch  and the biggest problem i do not know why 
when i open any near by switch to open or closing any of my hows lamp its trigger the relay on and then the rest of the code  continue normally
not this only also when i insert any near by plug
its look like some how connected to electricity  
I Rely Do not know the problem where 
and the schismatic for adrduino board , relay module and voltage regulator attached
cold any body please help me


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3 years ago

come on guys give me a hint :-)