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My Capacitor Bank Answered

This is a little project I've been working on for some time now, playing with capacitors to see what kind of sparks I can get. I finally decided to build a mounting board for them and glue them all together.

You'll see before I glued them in, as I was counter-sinking holes for them to sit in. So far I have MOST of them wired together, in parallel, but I only hooked up the larger ones until I get all the "bugs" wrinkled out.

I'm also using a relay circuit to switch the output from the capacitors (so I don't fry myself while they're charging). I have it set up with a 2-way toggle switch, so when I hold the switch to the right, it charges my capacitors, and when I flip it to the left, it triggers the solenoid, and I can then discharge the capacitors however I want.

Right now I'm in the process of finding the right power supply, as I have both the relay, and the capacitors charging off the same 12V (1A) wallwart, but it's not enough juice for what I want. Enough to burn little holes in tin foil with the sparks, but It's just simply not dangerous enough for me!

Me and nachomahma are working out something so an update will ensue! 


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11 years ago

Could be fun. In picking transistors off an old stereo board, I found a pair of 6,800uF caps with 35V on 'em already. Can you bump up the voltage on yours?



Reply 11 years ago

 Well if you wired them in series, I presume you would get a higher voltage rating, but the capacitance would still be equivalent to one capacitor.

The lowest capacitor I have on my board is 50v, but I haven't connected those yet. The bigger ones are rated for 200-330V, so I suppose if I so desired I could connect them directly to the wall but I don't think that would result in a happy ending...