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My Dream Cheeky USB missile launcher stops moving up and down and won't fire the top and right ports! Help please? Answered

 I have a Dream Cheeky® USB Missile Launcher that I just purchased "used" from an Ebay seller. Every once in a while, it will just lock up and stop moving up and down. I tried going into its gearbox to loosen up whatever may be blocking it, and it did help a little, but it will still sometimes just stop.

 Also - and this is the more important situation - when I hit the fire button on my computer for it, it will start compressing air to shoot the missile, but when it shoots from the four o' clock position (the dart on the right), it will only puff it a couple of feet, and when it tries to launch the missile from the twelve o' clock position (the dart on the top), it won't shoot at all.

 I really need to know pretty quickly, everyone, so please help me out on this as much as you can!

   Win Guy


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