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My Epson Stylus Photo 900 printer won't recognize a refilled black ink cartridge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Answered

I put more ink into the black cartridge when it got low with a refill kit. The printer won't work and keeps flashing "black cartridge needs replacing" !
Is there a secret step I must do? The new cartridges have a thin film over the bottom ink hole, so I tried scotch taping it to simulate a new cartridge but that did not work! Help please !



Best Answer 7 years ago

They are now putting chips in almost all new ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges. Even my favorite, Canon, is now doing this. The chips supposedly keep track of the ink usage and when they reach their limit they tell the printer that it is empty. It doesn't matter if there is ink left in it, or if you refile it, the chip decides when its empty. This has made a lot of people upset as some cartridges with ink still in them get declared bad and in need of replacement. It is a way for the printer companies to make more money by preventing people from refilling the ink. They claim its a way for them to maintain the quality of the prints the printer produces. It's a very controversial thing still, in spite of the fact that it has gone to court a number of times, with printer makers claiming that refill companies are infringing on their patents and copyrights by trying to get around the chips functions.
I heard that there is a way (A software hack) to reset some of the chips. But it would depend on the printer that you have and how the chip is connected. You might even need a special reader into which you have to insert the chip to reset it, which is pretty expensive.
I have ended up just buying cheap Chinese generic ink tanks instead of the "genuine" (triple the price) ones from the manufacturer. So far most of them work perfectly.
I have run into this with laser printers also. You might still have lots of toner left but the chips decides a cartridge is empty and declares it dead. This would not be so bad if the chips actually could read the level of the ink and toner left but that is not what they do. The are basically nothing more than countdown timers that count how many times the unit is used. Then based on that. and not the actual ink/toner level they declare them dead.
I think its a consumer rip off.
Printer ink is a giant cash cow for the printer companies. For several years replacement ink generated more income from sales than all the rest of consumer computer products combined. They have tried very hard to keep that flowing.


7 years ago

Unplug your printer, remove the ink cartridges, the paper and all cords.
Take the printer to an enclosed basement on a 5" pile of newsprint stand back
put a pair of safety glasses and put two 9mm slugs through the body.

Now go out buy a better printer and enjoy your life.



Answer 7 years ago

Wouldn't a shot gun be more effective and more thorough.


7 years ago

Many printer manufactures could give away their printers and still make money on the ink. It's a rip off, but there is no easy way to fix it. Long story short, don't refill your ink cartridges... it's a waste of money these days. :(