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My First Project (Electronic Questions) Answered

Good morning everyone.
I'm new but very optimistic on the creation and programming in PIC and I would love Buddy aid for my project.

Project Idea:
Store 60 responses at most 1 character (núemro or letter), to questions such as: 1 = 2 = 3 = 60 = ....
At the end of the data / informed responses would be sent to the PC via USB cable or WIFI for later imported by the PC system.

My questions prior to starting the project would be as follows:
I'm thinking of using PIC16F877A microchip and NOKIA5110 screen.
A) Any other microship less expensive cases do this activity?
B) The screen initially want to use this model because it allows me to print graphs on startup and letters larger than 16x2 screens.

The following outline of the design for greater understanding.


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4 years ago

Sketch Picture.