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Melodic House Music Answered

Hi guys!

I figured I might try sharing what I've made here. Recently I've gotten the full version of FL Studio and during some spare time, I enjoy composing my own music. I mainly stick to the Melodic House genre, as it is my favourite type of music.

Anyhow, here's my most recent project, I've worked for quite some time on this one, and I think its pretty good, at least in my opinion. Could you guys tell me what you think, and perhaps some tips and stuff to work on for my next composition. It really would mean a lot, thanks and I hope you enjoy. Also, for those of you who have FL, I wouldn't mind giving tips as well!


There are also 2 other recent songs on my Soundcloud channel, if you are interested as well.


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Reply 5 years ago

Not my genre but it reminds me a bit of Ayumi Hamasaki's Blue Bird.

Most pop music today has some form or parts of computer-generated tracks - and also much electronic trance/dance - that a lot of it sounds similar and composed by a formula using the same algorithm. Maybe it is using software right out of the box with the same pre-made beat or rhythm patterns and preset midi instrument sounds that it all sounds the same. I guess what makes a song fresh and new is that it has something different and doesn't sound so generic. Good luck.