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My Infrared Sauna keeps turning off by itself mid program. Answered

It turns on, heats up for about 1 to 10 minutes, then click, turns off.  What can cause this?  I usually unscrew the light bulb so it does NOT come on during the cycle, I like to sit in the dark and sweat!  When I screw lightbulb to turn on, unit immediately clicks off.

I have been having some panel problems where the time keypad or the temperature keypad will not respond as well.


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My sauna is I conform serial number 068543 keep tourning off after I started! Please what can I do? malberto@shaw.ca in case I cannot long in again!
Thank you


4 years ago

I am wondering....
Does your saune use heat lamps?
If so and the thing shuts off when they turn on:
Check what is actualy turning off!
Is it a fuse or a safety switch, maybe some overload protection?
Depending on which the fault finding can be limited.
As a sauna is usually wet I suspect a ground fault in the lamp or the lamp fitting causing the safety switch to trip.
Common cause for this is that people don't leave the door open after use so the unit can dry off fully.
Some heat lamps also have open screw fittings, small vent holes...
In a moist enviroment corrosion can form to the point where it shortens out the wires inside the fitting.
Last but not least the lamp holder itself can be checked for signs of internal corrosion.


4 years ago

Hard to help when no manufacturer, model, history ( when did it work ) or pictures.

Mind reading is not my ability... I would suspect the electronics could be corroded or transient surge damaged... There are probably sensors that may have aged due to time and there may be a current limiter that also has been compromised if wiring is exposed...

An incandescent light bulbs initially pulls ten time its normal current for a few milliseconds until it gets hot enough to glow light... This could explain why your system trips when you screw the light in.

More info will be useful to diagnose if it can be repaired..