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My Ipod photo (4th gen) is stuck at the connect to power screen (a normal part of restore). Suggestions? Answered

I restored my ipod because I have just replaced the HD (It worked without the restore so I know the HD is good, I just restored to get rid of the other crap on it). These ipods had to connect to a wall charger after restore. That is where I am stuck.). I first tried my wall charger. It is not apple brand so that could be the problem. I cannot try an OEM charger because I do not have one, nor do I know anyone who does.)
An outline of what i've done
I have connected to many power sources for a long time.
I have tired disconnecting the battery 
I have taken apart the ipod; there is no obvious physical defect.
More I can't remeber. I bashed my head on this for a while.
If I can't get a solution I am going to take out the Hard drive and format it an I will have to restore again. Maybe It will work this time.. 
My ipod is a paperweight until I fix this. I have tried every solution on the internet (OK that I have FOUND on the internet so far). Suggestions?
Thanks in advance 



9 years ago

i don't have experience with the photo, but did you format the drive before you put it in the ipod? if there was anything else on the drive, or if it was formatted to the wrong type of partition, that could be the cause of the problem. if you did not format it, i would try and see if formatting it would make it work.