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My Murray Ride on Mower won't start, I've tried all I know any help will be appreciated. Answered

My 12.5HP Murray ride on mower with Briggs & Stratton motor wont start. The spark plug's good & sparking ok & I've just bought a new battery, there's a fuel leak at the carburetta which I tried fixing by clamping but that hasn't worked. I've been able to get it going twice by connecting the car battery to it , but it's not starting with it's own brand new battery, it back fires a bit but just won't kick over. I just haven't got the transport to get it to a repair shop , if anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate them, thank you.



4 years ago


My neighbor has a Murray 12hp riding mower that he bought used. It ran fine when he brought it home but now all of a sudden it won't start. Nothing happens when you turn the key... dead silence. The wires seem to be connected properly and the battery has juice. Any ideas?


8 years ago

thanks to twa above - I checked the oil and found it to be mainly petrol..... drained the sump, let the engine breath with the plug out , cleaned the air filter, and it staggered into life ... smoky for a while, lumpy for another half our but finally going as well as a 12 year mower can.....

never would have occurred to me to check the contents of the oil sump!!


9 years ago

This problem also can be caused when there is too much oil. The carbie can't breath, so sucks extra air through pulling more fuel with it, this then floods the carbie and stalls the engine. : )


10 years ago

well u should check your spark plug make sure u got gas cuz alot of people dont have gas


10 years ago

Make sure the new battery is charged, sometimes they come discharged. You will need to get the fuel leak fixed before proceeding though, if its getting too much fuel it wont start either. Might check the fly wheel key, sometimes those can break, especially after a backfire, and then the fly wheel slips causing timing issues and more backfires.