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My Sketch Up Ships Answered

     I started working with sketch up about 3 months ago, since then, I've been converting my 2 designs into 3D models. www.conceptships.org/viewtopic.php  This the link to Concept Ships.com, where I have my 2D and some of my 3D designs posted. Other link: www.conceptships.org/viewtopic.php  .
-- 1.) Convoy front isometric
-- 2.) Convoy close one- General Frigate
-- 3.) Convoy close two- Heron II with container
-- 4.)  Convoy close three- side
-- 5.) Convoy rear
-- 6.) Heron Front iso (the thing below is the container)
-- 7.) Heron Back iso
-- 8.) Heron front
-- 9.) Transport front iso
-- 10.) Transport back iso
-- 11.) Transport bottom
-- 12.) Transport turret
-- 13.) Dropship front
-- 14.) Dropship Weaponry
-- 15.)  Dropship rear
-- 16.) Life support pod front
-- 17.) Life Support pod back
-- 18.) OH SANP!!! Instructables HQ is under attack!!!

Ship explainations::
-- CCM-21b "Heron II"
- UH-60 of this faction
- Can be used as a gunship, APC, fighter - bomber, transport, or ECM/ Support, depending on the module.
- The cargo module (below craft) can be load with anything from missles, to bombs, to twin 30mm gating guns (personal favorite).
- Carries two (pilot, co-pilot/ gunner).
- Basically my spin on the Pelican from Halo (hopefully it doesn't get shot down as much)

LSPS II "Messiah" (life Support pod)
- This is the generic life support pod. Similar to halo, but no re-entry... we all saw how reliable that was.
- Holds 6 people (pilot, 5 auxillery)
- supports 6 for up to 2.5 weeks.
- Has a powerful SOS beacon.
- Used by military and civilian.
- Launch method: launched from ship by air rushing from the pod's chamber and conventional thrust (Fuel + oxidizer).

All ships were designed and 3D- ified by me... google earth was used in the ibles HQ screenshot



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