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My TV n Cable turn off im running DC not AC? Answered

called the cable  company and inquired as to why my tv and cable box and other things keep turning off.  when they sent some one to check the installation they said that after checking my outlets, they said i was running a DC hot lead and that i was not on an AC type current. WTH does that mean how do i check to see what kind of current my house is using, i have had no problems in the last 25 yrs. so this does not make any sense to me.



4 years ago

How is your fridge and heat source pump or fan doing ?

Presumably your cable stopped when the DC took over.

Are you are working a computer at home ?

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Get thee an electrician soon is the best advice I can offer....


Answer 4 years ago


That sounds ROYALLY Screwed up !

Call an Electrician and turn your devices off (and unplug them) ASAP!!

Like Jack said, it's hopefully a UPS or something like that if your Lucky :)


Answer 4 years ago

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4 years ago

The DC must come from somewhere and I doubt it comes in through your mains supply.

Play the elimination game:

Disconnect (or flick the fuse in the box) for everything but TV and cable box.

Your fridge / freezer will survive a few hours without power.

Make sure everything you have running on power is totally off or unplugged!

Check the TV if it is working for a while, if so start connecting other equippment, starting with fridge / freezer (wait for the compressor to kick in!).

Continue with enough pause between devices until the TV plays up - most likely the last or second last device you connected to power again is your culprit.

If you have a solor system installed disconnect it as well from your house for the time of testing, a faulty inverter here can be the cause of the trouble too.

Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

Hey, I wrote a previous comment here, but then I deleted it because it wasn't saying anything helpful,and maybe kind of rude.

It's just that I can't guess what would cause your outlets to have any DC voltage on them. Usually the outlets are connected to the secondary winding of a big distribution transformer


To DC, that winding looks just like a length of wire, of very low impedance. So I expect the DC part of the voltage there to be zero, essentially shorted by that low impedance.

But then it occurred to me, maybe your outlets, are actually the outlets of a Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), or some other piece of equipment, like a surge protector or something, and it is that thing that is making DC, and putting it onto its outlets, somehow?

Actually, I still have no idea what's wrong with your outlets, but mostly I wanted to apologize for the junk I wrote earlier.