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My WiFi connection wont work on my desktop but it does on all my other devices. Answered

On my desktop I can't seem to get internet no matter what network I try. I've tried giving myself a mobile hotspot and even that doesn't work. When I try and connect it either says no internet, or connected, even though I can't google / do anything with internet. Occasionally I will get 5 kb of internet for a second and then nothing which occasionally lets me load a quick google result before telling me I have no internet. I have tried rebooting / restarting the router, so please don't tell me that's the answer. All my other devices can connect just fine so I don't know what to do.

Computer Info:
Windows 10
Realtek RTL8811AU Wireless LAN 822.11ac USB 2.0 Network 

I have both VirtualBox and VMware installed, but I have used them for a long time with no issue.




1 year ago

I'm confused by the significance of the VMs. Is the internet problem being experienced on the Host machine, the Virtual machines or both?

Have you tested it with a wired connection just to check that you don't have a fundamental network issue with the computer (such as a problem with the TCP/IP protocol)? If it works perfectly fine with a cable at least you will know if the problem is isolated to the WiFi, if the wired connection works try updating the WiFi adapter's device drivers.

You say that it connects to the WiFi but you don't get internet access, have you checked if the computer obtains a valid IP address from the router? Can you ping the router locally? Can you ping an internet based address such as www.google.com, does it respond? Does it resolve the IP?

Based on the few details provided you could have a problem with the IP protocol, an issue with the WiFi adapter, a DNS issue, an invalid IP address configuration (such as an incorrect static IP address specified), could be one of any number of things. Start by ruling out the above and then provide more details.


1 year ago

Ok, what aout the remaining vital infos?
Things like router type and settings, Wifi standard used, encryption....
Not to mention how many other devices are running in your network, interference from nearby networks...
Details, details, details....