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My bag fusing always wrinkles. I don't get that nice somewhat smooth look...any suggestions? Answered

I'm making a book bag out of fused plastic but my plastic keeps crinkling up and wavy it also curls up one way. Not that somewhat flat sooth look I see in tutorials. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Is my plastic fabric I already made a lost cause? If so how do I prevent this from happening again?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I agree with theRIAA in that your iron is probably a bit too hot. I believe the top layer is shrinking before the bottom layer achieves fusing temperature. In my experience, start cooler & gradually increase to find your iron's setting for optimum fusing. PS. the plastic is shrinking with the heat, please don't expect the fused fabric to be satiny smooth; it will always be textured to some degree.


10 years ago

use wax paper over it.. /: lower heat?