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My bluetooth headset speaker uses 3 wires, what gives? Answered

I'm trying to mod my bluetooth headset to give better sound quality and volume.  I disassembled the whole thing, but I noticed something kinda weird.  The speaker on the BT headset has 3 wires coming off of it, instead of the usual 2 that most speakers use.  The 3 wires are:

2 that are of a similar color and are connected to where the magnet of the speaker would sit.  They're not connected to the same spot.  One is connected to the 3 o clock position of the magnet of the speaker, the other is connected to the 9 o clock position. 

1 that appears to be connected to the metal speaker housing (I'm assuming is the ground?)

Anyone know why this Samsung unit uses 3 wires to power the speaker?


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11 years ago

 The third wire could IN FACT be there as a sort of "feed" back wire so your headset can automatically adjust the quality/sound coming out. Althought that's unlikely what it's for, I have seen speakers (most particularly tweeters/midrange) that have 3 jacks on them not just 2.