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My cell is dead?? Answered

Well apparently my mother dropped my cellphone, now when you turn it on, the screen lights up, but it's blank, it vibrates when I turn it on because it was on vibrate before (startup sound). But it won't do anything else, I tried changing the ringer, hitting buttons, and it didn't make any sounds. Display cable popped out? Any ideas? -Punk



12 years ago

> Display cable popped out? That's a good guess, though it'd be strange that the screen still lights. A fair number of phones have the ringer, screen, and other stuff on a separate board with a not-too-strong connector. Does it receive calls? I would certainly take it apart (carefully) to see if there were pieces that should obviously be connected. That may not be the best way to proceed if it's still under warranty...


Reply 12 years ago

Well, when I plugged it into the charger and turned it on, it actually made noise, hitting buttons made the noises, and it called, but the speaker sounded really distorted, definatly something loose I think. And it's not under warrenty, but there's two really small hex screws under the battery cover but I don't have the right size, I'm not sure what to do.