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My coil gun project is becoming a problem Answered

I'm wanting to make a coil gun but the flash mechanism I'm wanting to use from my old sony cybershot camera has a ribon cable that all the circuitry and battery's connected to and I can't seem to decode it if you know anything or can help me please answer this (: thanks?


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Best Answer 8 years ago


you cant charge the neccesary capacitor bank with just that one circuit.
that one capacitor, even if you could charge it, would never be even slightly useful unless you made a super efficient , tiny coil from like 30awg wire.

Im afraid with just that one theres not much you can do.
Go follow the instructable "coilgun handgun" by rwilsford07
I did it, the parallel charger circuit, on a 8 capacitor bank, it was OK, but not great.
i didnt use enough capacitors, with 8 it could barely shoot through an apple. but then i had a fairly big coil too.

Anyway, your going to need a grea dealmore capacitors and chargers before you can do anything useful with them


8 years ago

Thanks the only reason I want to use this is because we're I live disposable cameras are not able to be bought now I have another circuit I got from a disposable camera but all the leads broke off and i cant seem to find how to charge it oh and that's what I wanted to do I was going to make a mini coil gun and going to put 3 more photo flash caps with it this is the one I the leads broke off on