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My dremel tool is spraking inside and the regulator thingy doesnt work...? Answered

1. My dremel makes a weird noise when i turn it on, and when i look inside through the venting holes i see sparks coming from the motor/magnet. It wasnt like this before and it runs slower now than before. 2. The roller thingy to regulate the speed (1,2,3,4,5,6 or max) only works on "max", if i turn it down the thing just stops working, but when i turn it up to max again it starts (at max speed of course) this isnt a very important acctually since i use max all the time, but its kinda annoying cuz it some times shuts off. My dremel is a CoTech model and only about 2-3 weeks old btw.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Yep, 2-3 weeks old it should go back to the mfg. unless you did something to break it. Did you grind metal with it and could some of the shavings have gotten inside the brushes. It sounds like the brushes are warn out or stuck and not making good contact with the commutator. That would cause the lower speeds to drop out and only work on high speed but slower. It would also cause the sparking. But brushes should last for a really long time.


10 years ago

If it's only 2-3 weeks old, I think you should call the distributor and ask for a new one. It should work fine without issue for quite a bit longer than 2-3 weeks. HOWEVER... Did you do something that stalled the motor or grind a material that produced alot of dust? If so, it might have "crud" inside and need to be blown out or otherwise cleaned. Regarding the speed control Itg simply should not be acting in this manner and imo is a warranty issue, unless you did something "stewped" , if you know what I mean (dropped it, stalled it out, dropped something metal into the vent slots, etc.)


Answer 10 years ago

i have only grinded metal and some pvc pipe... i have tried to blow into the vent holes to clean it but it still doesnt work...