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My favorites from the week of 2006-11-27 Answered

Check out my favorite Instructables from last week!

Resistor man
It’s amazing how much character you can get across with just a few components. Reminds me of resistor sex (which is not work or school appropriate!).

modular pie-cosahedron
Jaw-droppingly awesome! I ate enough pie to literally be sick over Thanksgiving weekend, but this made me want more.

Anything that can double my productivity is always top of my list, but something that records your everyday actions and turns it into art takes it to the next level. One could do a similar thing with GPS coordinates.

green chile fried turkey
I love the combination science experiment/gourmet dinner aspect of this Instructable. Also, it is an excellent use of the collaboration system -- notice how some of the photonotes are from the collaborators!

Mic stereo with little amp in a pencil box
If you’re not familiar with soundscapes, you should really check this out. By recording in stereo with the mics in a similar position as our ears, you can create fairly immersive soundtracks. I love the sense of movement when cars pass or someone shuffles by. It works best with headphones.


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