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My free website? Answered

I want to create a website for my school to preview the weekly schedule but I don't know how to make it look like pro site. Ay help will be appreciated


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Quercus austrina
Quercus austrina

10 years ago

First off, sorry to answer this so late, but I just came across your question. Hopefully I can help you.

I suggest you start by reading up on HTML. A decent site that will get you started is HTML is EASY. Read through and see what you can understand.

To start writing your website, you can use Notepad or any text editor. Just save the file with the extension .htm or .html to make it readable by your web browser. If you want to use an actual web authoring software, Nvu is a free download and they offer versions for the 3 major computer OS's. Just choose the one you want from the bottom 1/2  of the screen. AND, it doesn't need to be installed, just unzipped and then click the .EXE file to run it (or make a shortcut to it).

My suggestion for a "Professional looking site" is that you select a neutral background color, place a table centered in the page and put all related content in the table. Make the table fit in a normal screen (no more than 1024 pixels wide) so it has room to breathe and most people won't need to scroll side to side to read it. Inside the main table, use another table to make your header (you'll learn about COLSPAN and ROWSPAN), text areas and calendar area. Keep playing around with the site and pretty soon you'll get the hang of it.

Neat thing about table areas is you can change the individual background colors to highlight or offset that "cell". You'll also learn how to put graphics in there, so you can have your school's logo there and make the page look affiliated.

Read through the website I gave you and read the help files. Other places to look are: W3C's Learn HTML page, WebmonkeyHTML.net and Jill Goodell's Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages.

Most of all, be patient and have fun seeing it come together.



Answer 10 years ago

Thanks a lot.However I decided to create some mobile friendly websites and some web apps. Some people do not consider html css an javascript as languages of creating apps. I keep on trying to learn javascript. Thanks for the help. I also was informed that I have to ask for an agreement and then start the procedure of making a web student network. One more time, thanks for the help and sorry for my english but i am not a native english speaker.;-)