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My girlfriend's father caught us making out in her backyard at 1:00 am. He was pissed. What should I do? Answered

My girlfriend and I have a very happy relationship. We couldn't see each other during the day, but decided we really wanted to hook up that night. Her parents go to sleep at 10:30, and she decided to sneak out and I'd meet her in the backyard, since her house is in walking distance.

I told my parents I was going for a walk around the block. I left at 11:00 pm and said I would be home by 11:30, which is the curfew when minors have to be off the streets.

I get to her house and 11:10, she quietly sneaks out and we meet up. I had intended to leave and be home on time, but soon found ourselves making out under bright moonlight and we just couldn't bring ourselves to end it.

Soon I start getting phone calls from my parents. My cell phone is vibrating in my pocket but I didn't pick up. Quite frankly I was too lost in the moment to care.

I ignore the calls for a while. After a long time, we're both terrified to hear the back door open and her father come out!

He says, calmly but obviously pissed. "---- come inside. And you best go home."

I slip away without a word, obviously pretty spooked.

I get to the end of her street, and check my cell phone. It's 1:00 AM!!

My parents called the police and reported me as missing! I got to the end of her street, and a police cruiser picks me up for being out after curfew.

They contact my parents. I wasn't arrested because I explained to the officer the situation, I was with my girl, we lost track of time, honest mistake, apologies, etc.

My parents call my girlfriend's parents. Her folks are obviously not happy with me.

I've had my cell phone service disconnected, and my girlfriend doesn't have Facebook, e-mail, or any way for me to contact her.

I need to know----

1. How to make amends to her parents

2. If we can continue our relationship with her parents hating me

3. How to manage this whole clusterf**k situation

Please any advice will help! This just happened yesterday so I need to act. I'm really crazy about this girl and we have a great relationship, it'd be a shame to lose it.

Thank you so much to everyone!




6 years ago

Nice story. Listen, without making a good impression on your gf's parents, theres little to no chance that they want u with their daughter.


7 years ago

Listen mate, the only way you're going to get past this is apologizing to her dad, and showing him that you are a real bloke, not a little girl. If you can prove to him that you are a real man, than he will see you as a proper example to his daughter, I speak of expierience!


10 years ago

I think you should formally apologize. Just go to her parents and tell them that you are sorry. I don't see why they should hate you after that. Buying dinner or gifts would be inept i think. Besides, it's perfectly normal for a father to be protective. And it's perfectly normal for a young couple to have to work around that, somehow :). If apologizing doesn't help, go with klandathu's advice.


10 years ago

apologies.....apologies.....apologies.....just VERBALLY apologize! Tell them your just a kid....an incredibly stupid kid! (sorry but sometimes thats the only way to save yourself). You could buy them a really fancy gift card to a really fancy restaurant (not olive garden or any chain place). Then get your life straight....


10 years ago

i would have to agree with kite man

Mr Sunshine

10 years ago

Get yourself a golf club and play some sweet chin music on her father,he will respect you more for being a man about it


10 years ago

1. Try the man-to-man approach. Go round when you know she is out but dad is in. Ask for a chat, explain how much you care for and respect his daughter, that your intentions are long-term and honourable. Try and make sure he realises that what you were doing together was not inappropriate, just that the timing was thoughtless, driven by your desire to spend time with his daughter. 2. If you get "1" right, this ceases to be an issue. If it remains an issue, you will simply have to restrict yourselves to meeting in school or at mutual-friends' homes until enough time has passed for them to calm down. 3. See 1 & 2.


10 years ago

Act cool. Invite them to diner (if u can cook, cook it you're self), after u eat explain to them that u have no intentions of breaking they're daughters heart and you sincerely love her (its best that you're girl wouldn't be present an this diner, it'll be better that her parents retell her, if the next day you're girl will love you more that means parents told her, means they accept you). P.S. Worked for me when I was young. Was a good liar, well so as I'm now :) Good Luck...


10 years ago

1. Who cares 2. Who cares 3. Just do it.


10 years ago

How old are you and her?