My images keep getting uploaded sideways... Does anyone know what's going on? Answered


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I took them with my iPhone 3GS, and they are fine on my computer. They go to landscape mode when I upload to Instructables, however.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Its cause you took them sideways and Apple is stealing your money for a world domination scheme. If it doesn't automatically rotate them, you'll have to do it manually.

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Answer 8 years ago

+1. the computer knows the orientation it was taken, and displays in that orientation, but the photo really is landscape. Use a different program and rotate them.


8 years ago

There's data in the image files which tells certain software to rotate them, but the pages here (for one) don't handle that information.
You need to open with something like MS Paint or another "regular" image processing package and save them as regular jpegs rotated correctly.



2 years ago

The photos are going to look OK if you view them in Windows 8 or Windows 10 because it supports the Orientation flag in the EXIF data. However, the photos will be reverted to its original state if it's uploaded to websites (like because it doesn't support the EXIF Orientation flag. This article explains the problem and show you how to fix the photo rotation issue in Windows 8 or 10.


3 years ago


i have a mac

i exported my photo

then moved it to my desktop

pulled them from there

all were right side up

all seems to work well

good luck


6 years ago

Here's how I "Fix" the photos I have issues with on a mac. I re-open the photo with Preview. The photo always look like they are in the right orientation already but as people have mentioned uploaded photos rarely come out right. I turn the photo 90 degrees and then back. I have gestures set up for pinch and twist to turn ( you might already too). Once I close the photo, OSX automatically updates the photo and all that's left to do is re-upload the previously sideways photo. I would love for there to be a feature that permanently updates this info. I wouldn't even mind going through and approving lots of photos where this might be a problem because the fix is so fast, the problem is you never know they are sideways till you send it to someone and they complain.


Answer 3 years ago

You're right! thank you. Amazing advice 2 years old still works today! Nice!


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the fix! Worked perfectly! You can also open a whole batch in preview, select them all, and rotate them back and forth all at once. :-)


Answer 4 years ago

I know this was a year ago, but I just wanted to let you know that you're my hero for this fix.

THANKS A MILLION have a great day


5 years ago

I have saved them sideways and it still doesn't correct the problem. Last night I stumbled upon an option to rotate within instructables. I was uploading multiple images and there was a rotate arrow next to the thumbs. Now I can't find that option. Its like instructables makes it hard unless you have the pro account. How many of you here have the basic free account?


7 years ago

So I just had the same problem. I emailed myself a picture from my Droid 2, saved it to my Desktop (where it looked right side up), and then uploaded it to, where it appeared in landscape mode. Then, I sent it to iPhoto. It also appeared right side up there. However, when I uploaded to from iPhoto the picture appeared in the correct orientation. Hope that helps!