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My instructable does not show in the contest Answered

My instruct able does not show in the contest and I don't understand why, What am I doing wrong? I also can't see that it is published in my page it is staying on drafts; Besides that I tried to change the license to general license but this does not work. 



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5 years ago

When you enter a contest, you get two emails:

1st is the automatic "received" email. You get that as soon as you enter the contest.

2nd is the "accepted" or "rejected" email. The project will not show up on the contest page until after you receive the "accepted" email, and they are often not sent over the weekend.

As an aside, looking at the link you give, I can't easily tell if you made the printer or not - the opening images are not real objects, and the real photos come after somebody else's video.


Reply 5 years ago

Hello Kiteman,

Thanks for the help I will add some more photo's to the pictures, I made the drawings because I can better show the solutions and the steps to build a wooden base for the printer