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My key chain Video Recorder Doesn't Record video! only audio and takes snap shots!! can some one please help me!!? Answered

Hi every one i bought a key-chain video recorder for my micro twister! it arrived today....i tried recording video......but it didn't record any it only took pictures and recorded audio!! can some one please help me !! to make it record video!!


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 8 years ago

I'm hoping that the problem is you not pushing the buttons the right way. The correct sequence is explained here:

Here I am guessing your camera is one similar to the 808. The picture you attached sure looks like it. BTW, the page linked above is the best unofficial documentation for this (series of) camera I have every found. If you find a better writeup out there, please reply with the link.

If you are indeed pushing the buttons the right way, then I dunno, it might be that thing Re-design was saying about your SD card being too slow. I guess you could try to find a faster card, and see if that works. Or in the event that you really did get this thing from a retailer with a return policy, and/or knowledgeable customer service, then try talking to them about it.


8 years ago

Without having the unit in my hands it's hard to diagnose the problem.

1. You're not working it right - read the manual a gain.

2. Your SD card is not fast enough. My Video recorder MUST have a faster card than normal or it won't record video either, just still shots.

3. IT's broken and should be returned. Hobby King should have a return policy that costs you nothing if the item is received broken. Speak to them about it.


8 years ago

What do the instructions say?

What EXACTLY did you do?