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My knife won't sharpen Answered

Back when my dad was in the Navy, he got an Edgco Buttlerfly knife in Afganistan. He gave it to me a while back. I decided to sharpen it so I could actually use it. It's not getting sharp no matter how long I scrape it on the whetstone. I can't take it to someone to get it sharpened because they're illegal in my state.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Its most likely a very hard steel blade. Your best bet would be to get a very coarse carborundum whet stone, keep the stone well lubricated with water and go at it by hand.
You could try using a grinder to work it down but that can irreparably damage the knife if you mess up and overheat the metal, over-grind one side or grind a notch in the edge.
One cautionary note, the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon may be a felony in your state. You should consider keeping it for display purposes only, which negates the need for sharpening the knife.


7 years ago

howdy :)
u should think about buying a spyderco tri-edge sharpener with that u can sharpen almost anything i worked for them for almost 4 years and there was almost no knife i couldnt sharpen lol even won bets with that system lol anyway also knives arent like guns even if its "illegal" in ur state u can still take it to get it worked on and like Burf said if ur not going to carry it u wont have to sharpen it .
Now for eveyones info butteryfly knives are the illegal knife in the world world lol
they are illegal in more places then no other knife .


8 years ago

How to sharpen a knife.  None of these techniques worked?

If you aren't honing it at the right angle you'll never get a good edge.  Using the wrong grit of stone won't help either.