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My kombucha SCOBY has white spots on its surface... are they mold? Answered

hi, my kombucha SCOBY has white uneven colour spread on the top surface. Are they mold? They smell fine, but I am not sure if it's safe. It's been left for few weeks in the tea, in the glass bottle, and it was my first blew.  I boiled water for 15 min to make this batch and followed instruction to keep everything washed etc, just as how I do with milk kefir and water kefir.  The SCOBY I received from friend had yellowish even colour on its surface, so I am not sure if I had done right.....Can someone plz shed a light on it?  thank you. 


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10 years ago

I just googled this and found lots of pictures that you could compare to. The results said don't use if green or black mould is present. i don't know about what you are describing. Have a look for yourself, see if you can see something similar to your effort.