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My laptop won't connect to my Home Wifi? Answered


My laptop won't connect to my home wifi. The problem just started few weeks ago, before it was automatically connecting to it with no problem.
I have a broadband router, wifi enabled with TP Link (TL-WR340G) Wifi router.

My network won't even show up in the available networks list.
However, if I reboot the machines or turn on or off my router or broadband router, it somethings catches it and it works fine. I don't know what thing make it works (it automatically connects).
Sometimes, it just catches the signal (but don't connect automatically as I have set my home network on auto connect), but when I connect it manually, it don't get connected, instead it shows troubleshooting. And troubleshooting always lead  me to "reset your modem by turning it off for 10 seconds", and nothing happens when i do this.

Few things I should mention:
1. My laptop connects perfectly with other wireless networks. After this problem,  I mostly use my neighbour's wifi, that works perfectly everything.
2. My wifi router works perfectly with my iphone, and other wifi mobile devices. The problem is only with my laptop.

Please guide me, whats wrong and how to solve it.


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