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My last instructable is not showing up in recent section Answered

Yesterday, I posted a instructable in Technology section under Arduino channel. The public link works, but it is not showing up in recent as well as in search results. Here is the link - https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Digital-Clock-With-7-Segment-LED-Display/. Can anyone address this problem and suggest what I did wrong there? This never happened before to me.



9 months ago

Hi there,

It was stuck in a filter, but has been released. Many different things can trigger a filter, like certain words, number of steps, etc., but when this happens your project will typically be reviewed and released within a short amount of time after publishing. You should see it appearing in the recent feed shortly. Cheers! : )

Being Engineersseamster

Reply 9 months ago

Hi, This is fixed now. Thanks. But another thing I am noticing that even after accepting my entry (this project) for "PCB Contest", it is not showing up in the entries. Can you help me in this matter?


9 months ago

Instructables search is completelty broken so don't bother ith it. It can take some time to show up in recent, though.