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My linear bearing on the 3D keep screaming despite oil and grease - fun fail! Answered

Ok, you think you calibrated your printer properly and that all should be fine.
You even printed an awful lot without any issues at all....
Then you linear bearing start to get louder and louder....

Just about an hour into a really big print, what to do??
I aborted to prevent a failed print later on.
Cleaned all the rods instead of just the one I though to be the culprit with alcohol.
Used a nice sponge to apply a thin and fresh coat of oil.
Double checked everything and even put a bit of grease onto the z-axis threaded rod for good measure.
All well, all fine, so start h print again...

Just 52 minutes into the print and the squeeking started again.
Must be related to the height then and I aborted again.
I mean, who cares about having wasted a few meters of filament if the remaining 50 odd meters of the print won't be a waste...
Took the assembly apart this round.
Washed all bearings in alcohol and flushed them before drying in the vaccum chamber (was in a hurry...).
Used proper grease to fill the bearings again and lubed all rods, including the z-axis parts.
After wasting these three hours I though I could let it just print over night...
All movements sounded fine, almost silent to before, so what could go wrong...

Print started fine after the bed calibration so I let it run and went to bed.
According to my printers display I woke 70 minutes later to literally screaming bearings.
Almost like somone running fingernails over a chalk board!
But the print seemed to go really fine so I decided to use ear plugs and let it run.
Couldn't really sleep and woke up about two hours later - to a silent printer still printing fine....

Next day my print came out just fine but I still needed the matching counterpart.
And with that one the screaming started already 20 minutes into the print - it got worse!!!
With nothing left it must be the extruder then.... :(
Aborted the print, took the entire extruder apart and cleaned all.
Still, the next round it started screaming at me again...
Tried the other extruder with the ABS instead of PLA - no noise at all and the part came out fine but useless as I needed it in PLA.
Do you know how much time you can wast cleaning lubricating your 3D printer for no good reason at all?
If you can then add another 2 hours for cleaning the extruder again even adding silicone oil where moving plastic parts meet - even if it just for the pressure spring...
Needless to say it did not silence the PLA print....

But I figured it out in the end!
To no surprise the next PLA part printed with no noise at all.
And like a switch turns your lights on and illuminates a room, my brain suddenly got a lightbulb moment I was hit with the light of pure realisation!
Note to self:
If you print conical holes and require cooling for your nozzle then bloddy realise that the cooling fan and your holes act like a simple whistle!
Try it out one day and print some hollow cones with the thinner opening facing up ;)
There should be a way to create some musical notes this way as well but maybe you have the patience to match the cones properly and write some g-code to move the head over the cones to create a tune....


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

1 year ago

I think if you change the angle of attack on the cooling fan you can silence the whistle.