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My new knex lift Answered


I have told you guys that I was building a new lift well... The lift didn't work. I tried everything to get it fixed but it just didn't work. Here is how the lift works: A large arm rotates up and down from 0 dergrees to about 90 degrees by using a crank. The piont was: the motor wasn't strong enough to lift the whole arm. The second thing was that I didn't have enough pieces to make the tracks after it so I will build a smaller version which will probably does work and I will also post instructions for that.

Here is the parts list for if you want to know how many pieces the lift took up

Green- 229
White- 126
Blue- 207
Yellow- 82
Red- 12
Grey- 6
Total rods: 662


Dark grey- 32
Light grey- 24
Red- 68
Orange- 26
Yellow- 123
Purple- 112
Blue- 62
White- 20
Total Connectors: 494

Blue spacer- 72
Silver spacer- 38
Mettallic clip - 4
Tan clip- 9
Y- clip- 14
Ball joints- 3
Wheels- 4
Red gear- 2
Blue gear - 1 
Total others: 149

Total: 1305

Here are some pictures of  the destruction but i want to keep the real lift a secret untill the second version is finished


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9 years ago

Waste of a topic.