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My paper slicer got warped in a hot car (16"*16" plastic platform with bladed swing arm). Can I un-warp it in my oven? Answered

The same day a lighter wrapped in leather exploded (ripping through the leather), a credit card got Dali-clock-afied, and... so on. the paper slicer is made of thick hard plastic, more like pvc than rubbermade... I was thinking I could set my oven on low and put a damp cloth in a sheet pan and then put the slicer on top of that. What do you think?



Best Answer 10 years ago

it couldn't hurt to try - preheat the oven rather than starting from cold - because when the element is on it applies way more heat than 'low'... have a cool flat surface ready to plop your newly heated and softened board on upside down. Handle the hot plastic with heat resistant gloves. Beware the metal - it will retain heat longer than the plastic.


10 years ago

Put it back in the car on a hot day or let it sit in the sun, then sandwich it between some plywood until it is cool.