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My problem with this community Answered

I have been "using" instructables for maybe 2 years or so. Well i have to admit that more rubish instructables are being published and I can't be happy as before. Year ago i had habit before sleep to open instructables app on my android tablet and search for cool instructable on featured page but nowdays all I can see is some nonsence and similar why??
What happened? :(

Example : " Easy way to change wallpaper on windows 7 home " -> gets milion views  ...



2 years ago

I thought this was an American community. If I as interested in Mexican instrucables ( which I absolutely am not) I would I would live in Mexico.


Reply 2 years ago

From its inception, Instructables has been a world-wide, inclusive community - almost half the traffic to the site, a huge proportion of the membership, and several of the staff, originate outside the US.

Bearing in mind our "Be Nice" policy, you would be advised to choose which projects you read based on your interest their subject matter, rather than discriminating because of the nationality of the author.

If it is simply a matter of your inability to understand languages other than English ("American" is not a language), then one can simply access one of the many translation tools available online.

If it is a matter of you wanting to be part of a community that is used solely by American citizens, then you're going to have to start your own, offline, because they simply do not exist on the web.


Reply 2 years ago

Live where you like, read what you like, think what you like and

Like the wisdom you acquire.

Strong opinions promise the pleasure of many lifetimes in gaining true enlightenment.


3 years ago

Everyone can write an Instructable about anything.
It is as good as it bad ;)
You can check the views and it might help but in some cases it only shows that the Ible can be found through search engines or is linked elsewhere.
Then there is the "I made it!" thingy, often a good indicator that something is really liked by others.
Sure you can find hundred ways how to boil an egg or clean you window, same for making a knife - but you have to read them all to decide how good or bad they are.

"Featured" is nice too but in some cases only an idicator for good look and an interesting topic, not that everyone would be able to use it.
Contents show that too, often you can find Ibles where only a single step of the entire project is related to the topic - for example by gluing a battery holder and LED to a skateboardyou created a gloy in the dark skateboard...
But does that spoil the fun?
I don't think so as there is still plenty of good stuff out there and even the worst Ible can have a good, even if it is just 5 minutes of entertainment when reading it.

If you can't find anything proper type your topic and search limit for this site into Google, for example:
forging steel site:www.instructables.com


3 years ago

You are right, this instructable "Windows 7 Starter: Easy way to change wallpaper" posted on Dec 12, 2009 got 2.2 M views but it was not even featured. May be people found it through search engines. Please browse through other channels also other than the home page. you may find something interesting