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My toshiba wont turn on, the battery died Answered

 i plugged the adapter in, and now the adapter is like making a tiny but high pitched whine.
any clues smart masses???
thanks a ton!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Have you checked the adapter.  If the adapter died then you might think your battery is dead. 

Some smart adapters won't try to charge the battery if the battery is dead or if there is no battery attached.

If it's making a noise now and wasn't before I'd suspect the adapter.


Answer 11 years ago

 the laptop was on the battery for a while, then i left it to go get something, come back the battery died, i knew it would die , which is why i went to get the charger, when i came back, it died, i plug in the charger, and let it charge for 20 minutes while off. it would never turn back on. and never has.