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My watch band broke off, because the piece of metal connecting the band the the main piece broke off. Answered

It's the little metal bar. Anybody know how I can fix it?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 8 years ago

The orthodox way to do this is, as others have suggested, buy a new telescoping pin. I think they are specified by length in mm, e.g. 11 mm, 15 mm, something like that.  The last place I saw such pins for sale was at the jewelry/watch counter at  a Walmart(r) , somewhere in the Former U.S.

Another trick that works is to drill out the sockets where the telescoping pin is supposed to go, and then put a piece of wire through these holes instead.  I did this to a watch with a plastic body, so it was pretty easy to drill through. I think the drill bit I used was the smallest one I own, maybe 1/16 inch.

Also worth mentioning: Before I came up with the idea of drilling holes through my watch, I was using duct tape to hold it together.  Duct tape works, although it has a completely different aesthetic than the other repairs I've mentioned.  Some people don't like duct tape on their jewelry, or twisted pieces of wire for that matter...


3 years ago

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8 years ago

Are you talking about the telescoping pin? If yes then you need a new one. Any place that sells new bands should probably have new ones.


Answer 8 years ago

... including any decent jewelry store. There are a couple of different sizes, but it's generally pretty obvious which one is needed.