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N64 Controller to PC Answered

Hey guys, I recently pulled out my N64 and played Mario Kart 64 for some old-time fun. It was a rush.
Anyways, I saw a video on youtube of someone who hooked up their N64 controller to their PC, and all the buttons worked.

Now I recently saw an instructable on something similar to this:
But I'm not sure if that same method would work or not.

I also found this: http://arcadecontrols.com/Mirrors/emulatronia/n64pad/index.htm
Which is pretty much what I'm looking for, but I want to see if there's another way that doesn't involve the creation of a circuit with IC Chips.
Anyone know? THanks.


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9 years ago

i was on the same dilemma but with an old NES controller i found in my old stuff, i want to convert it to USB .. after a long searching in lots of internet sites... i just realize that all the conversion were involved by IC's PICs, and processor controllers like Arduino or Atmega circuits..
I just have very basic skills with electronics.. i dont know how to program it and also the necessary tools are expensive for just a NES Controller..
The most easy solutions y found online was:
*Make a complicated Circuit with lots of components using Arduino or ATmega,resistors,on quartz crystal,capacitors and stuff http://www.joystiq.com/2004/09/07/how-to-make-a-nintendo-controller-into-a-pc-joystick/
*Buy a USB NES-like Controller on EBAY
* Buy a NES to USB KIT converter at http://www.retrousb.com (also need to solder components)
but i didn't want one of these solutions.. i just want to convert it with my own hands!!
and finally i found 2 creative alternative....
1- Get a cheap USB Game Pad, take the circuitry and solder the contacts of the USB pad to contacts of the NES controller ( this may work for another type of controller like SNES/PSX/Genesis dreamcast etc) just using the contacts and case of the original NES Controller.. but this in the practice will not work for my NES-USB Controller, because of the small size and the shape of the NES controller.. i will need something smaller..
2.-Then I realize that i have a couple of USB PC Keyboards... and here in Instructables i found a tutorial to "hack" keyboards...
the keyboard i used was damaged( my brother pour soda on the keyboard and the conctact membranes had short-circuits) but the main circuit controller was OK, i spend some time looking for every key combination, and i made a chart of the key combinations, and drew a scheme of the necessary cables i had to solder... then i put hands to work and every works all right
i just plug it to the PC and it was recognized like another keyboard
y just configure the "keys" in the emulator and all works fine..
this is the tutorial to keyboard hacks

I hope this little bit of information to help you get new ideas on how to do your own N64 controller... but i think the option of using a cheap USB controller circutry will work fine for that type of controller because the shape of control ( you will have more space to work )


13 years ago

Hi, there are adapters for this so you dont need to build one yourself;

Unfortunaly they do not sell in most stores anymore since the n64 is rather old.
On ebay they only cost $7+$8 shipping.

Thats probably not much more expensive then buying parts and the hastle of soldering it together.
Plus, an USB Adapter will work with laptops and modern computers, since the old gaming port is less likely to survive over the years.
Another DIY guide