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NES Zapper laser gun w/sound effects Answered

Hi Everyone,

I came across the NES Zapper laser mod that burns things recently, and it lit a fire under my backside to do a similar build.  I've scoured various other resources and have yet to come across exactly what I'm looking to do.  And yes, I have already done a forum search for this project.  So, since I found the NES Zapper laser gun on Instructables, it seemed only right that I reach out to the Instructables community for assistance in making this project a reality.

I am a rookie at this sort of stuff, but really want to make this happen.  I would like the battery to remain inside the Zapper, rechargeable by way of the female AC adapter connector.  I'd also like to add sound effects, so a speaker and soundcard is going to be needed.  I need help with the wiring circuit so I can adequately power the Laser, LEDs and sound effect without frying anything.  Below is a list of the components that I know of, I know there are others I'll need which is where I hope those of you reading this can help me out.

1 x Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper pistol
1 x 230-250mW 532nm laser
1-3 x Diffused Green LEDs
1 x Rechargeable CR123A 3.7 Lithium-Ion Battery (OLight has built in circuit board to prevent overcharging, over discharging and over discharge current)
1 x CR123A battery housing (found on thingiverse)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Dan Solo



Reply 2 years ago

Now THAT I didn't see. A much more intensive build, but that should be a big help. Thank you for sharing this!