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Hi, I'm looking for some help to develop a nano-buble bubeling device.(thermodynamics, control logic, sensing, material technology - I touch all this subjects but in content) It will be for a good cause, like humanity, affordability, clean water at affordable costs. Also, electolisys has a higher efficiency in generation if H2o. It might not be the solution but it's still on the books/on the table. Get in touch @: remembereco@gmail.com or post comments on this platform. A great idea! Best wishes, ip


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

The answer to, "How to build a nanobubble generator?," I think depends on "what kind of gas?,", and, "in what kind of liquid?."

I think this page,


maybe does a good job of characterizing nanobubbles (i.e how small does a bubble have to be to be nanobubble, and what are properties of the same), and if you search in that page for the phrase:

"Nanobubbles can be made"

you will find this paragraph:

"Nanobubbles can be made [2937] by electrolysis [974], by introducing
gas into water at a high mechanical shear rate [1618, 2306, 3171],
through a 20-nm membrane filter [3237], through porous glass [3290] and
ceramics [3424, 3536], from fluorocarbon droplets [2483], from clathrate
hydrate dissociation [2671], by saturation at higher pressures followed
by pressure drop, by saturation at low temperatures followed by a fast
temperature increase (temperature jump), by high water flow creating
cavitation, by a mixed vapor (e.g, nitrogen plus steam) condensation
system, by mixing CO2 gas and water [2959], by decomposition of H2O2
[2960], by widespread gas introduction (e.g. by dissolving fine
magnesium powder) [3222], by use of a venturi tube [3257], by acoustic
cavitation [3266, 3439], by repeated compression of gas into water
[3537], or by a combination of these processes [2948]. Many tons of
nanobubble water per hour have been produced."

I have not looked into any of those refs. Also I have never actually seen a, "nanobubble generator, " in real life. But I don't doubt such things are out there.