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Nanotube Tech Transforms CO2 Into Fuel Answered


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12 years ago

Wow.. I had no idea you could convert CO2 to CH4 that easily. The best part is that the waste products of burning the fuel it produces are exactly (by definition) the feedstock needed to create more.

The one number I really want to see... OK, two numbers I really want to see are optimum litres of methane per square metre of catalyst per watt of sunlight per hour, and cost per square metre of catalyst.

This article says "The yield for these dual catalyst nanotubes was 163 parts per million hydrocarbons an hour for each square centimeter." but I don't know how to get that into the units I'm looking for. (The power was earlier stated as 75-100mW per cm2)

It also probably hinges on the concentrations of feed gas required- if it can work on smokestack gases then it probably has potential, but if the atmosphere needs to be 50% CO2 and 50% water vapour then it might not be efficient enough to be a practical power source.

Any chemists/physicists who know more about this?