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Nasty looking mobile ads Answered

A buddy of mine showed me this pop-up ad he got when he was looking over a guide I made recently.  He had the same issue the last time I made a guide.  These pop-ups are annoying enough that he never uses Instructables because of it.  To be honest, I don't blame him.

I know you guys use AdSense for advertising and I don't really know the solution to this issue, but I wanted you all to be aware of it.  Less internet savvy people might be freaked out by ads like this.  


Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes

2 years ago

I'm getting a ton of these on my mobile and it's really turning me off to using this site on my mobile.

Until then, no more browsing except on my desktop and I will, unfortunately, be removing all whitelisting for this site in my adblocker. I cannot risk this kind of content. I'm truly sorry, but it just cannot be trusted any more.


Reply 2 years ago

So if I understand this correctly then it basically comes down to money and fraud!?
I am kind of sad to see that the biggest players in the browser game care more about ads than user experience and safety.
Unlike most users I do include potentially harmful websites during some searches and after being hijacked a few times I now do it sandboxed but seing that not even Instructables is safe from unwanted and fraudulent ads is scary...
Alternatives to Chrome and Firefox exists, some with quite good safety features when it comes to redirects and ads, it might be time to make users aware of these.

Back in my days running forums we also had to deal with the unwanted ad problem.
Came down to make the decision of trying to find sponsors or companies willing to pay us for customised ads instead of us using paid ad providers that dump all sorts of crap on the user.
I do understand that the ad revenue is a vital part of keeping this site alive and growing but I have to wonder:
We have great sponsors for contest and in a lot of Instructables we now see quite direct advertising for certain products and companies.
Did you guys ever consider using the great amount of content and users to your benefit? ;)
I mean it should be possible to make this website interesting for companies to advertise directly here and pay for it.
This way it would be related and controlled so that a lot of the current ad services could be dialed down...
Sure, money would be lost and I have no clue on how much you guys need but if the advertising reaches a point where users abandone this webiste then it is time to consider options - only my personal opinion though.