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Natural Water Resistant Glue Answered


I'm looking for a natural, cheap water resistant glue that can be applied to plant matter

Ideally soluble in hot water so it can be easily applied but insoluble in cold water.

Any ideas?



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6 years ago

Guitar/violin glue [luthier glue] is animal based.


You heat it to melt it and apply with a brush. When it's dry it's water proof. It also smells like what you might expect when it's fresh and warm. Like Orngrimm said, any hot water soluble glue will still be soluble in cold water, just slower.


Titebond is a polymer glue that can be cleaned up with water until it dries and polymerizes. Then it's permanent.


6 years ago

I would try resin from trees like pine, basically stuff that is already very sticky in the fresh state.

You did not say if it is dead or living plant matter but with hot water I assume dead.

Collect a good amount of resin and put it in old pot or can to heat it up.

A controlled heat, preferable in an oil bath should be used on gas.

Electric hot plates might be more suitable.

Heat until the resin becomes almost a liquid and remove conaminants of bigger scale like twigs or pieces of bark - ignore this step if those pieces are of no concern for your project.

You can now empty the pot in cold water (carefully as it can boil) and dry the resin for later use or continue:

Add some finely powdered charcaol to the hot resin and mix well.

When the color changes to a dark grey or is almost black it is enough charcoal.

Apply the "glue" while still hot and use a metal spatula or similar to spread the glue into shape - keeping the spatula hot allows for a very smooth surface finnish.

Once cooled the glue will go rock hard and can even be used to seal cracks in plastic parts that usually don't adhere to glue.

Sticks well to metal and glass as well.

If you have leftovers you can try to re-heat it but due to the charcoal it is very hard to do so without burning the resin.

It is best to make a mix with charcaol when you need it and keep the clean resin as a supply for new glue.


6 years ago

A glue which is soluble in hot water will also be soluble in cold water. Only at a slower rate...