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Natural water resistant adhesive Answered


I'm looking for a natural, cheap water resistant adhesive that can be applied to plant matter

Ideally soluble in hot water so it can be easily applied but insoluble in cold water.

Any ideas?



4 years ago

Pine tre and other resins are a great "glue" but need some prep to properly work.

The resin should be clean to start with, so avoid collecting fallen off pieces from the ground - get the stuff that is still on the tree.

A really hard and durable mix is made by heating the resin in an old can or until it is melting.

Add a bit of fine charcoal, no pieces just dust.

Keep the heat so the resin is of the consistency of honey and stir until you have an even color and charcoal pools anywhere.

The mix stays workable for several minutes until it cools down and will go rock hard once cooled.

Depending on the plant you might want to a small check on how low you can go with the temp to keep the resin workable and if the plant will tolerate the heat, trees and scrubs are usually no problem for more sensitve plants use a piece of cotton around the plant to protect from heat and allow for further grow.


4 years ago

Native North Americans used pine tree sap to seal their canoes. I would imagine its insoluble in cold water (otherwise it wouldn't work well in creeks and lakes) and it can be boiled, but you'd have to research this topic for more info.