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Need A Project To Make Halloween LED Eyes Answered

Need to know how to do a project for 4-H kids, ages 9-12 to make glowing LED eyes to light up the night on Halloween. Ideally, 4-8 sets of LED's would blink and glow, perhaps controlled by a simple low cost microprocessor and powered by battery. Options include sensor to activate the lights when someone approaches. Since this project is for 4-H kids, low cost and simplicity are important. Arduino would be great, but need help on programming such a project. Thanks,


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9 years ago

I worked on children's show about inventions a few years ago and we had a similar project on one of the episodes; make stuffed toys with interactive LED eyes. Due to the small budget and large number of kids we had on the show i used the dollar store A LOT. There is a chain dollar store in Canada called Dollarama; they sell a lot of really cheap LED puck lights and flashlights; the kids would take them apart and rewire the on/off mechanisms with photo resistors, squeeze-action push buttons and so forth (there was a particularly amazing toy owl that had photo resistor puck light eyes; they would turn on in the dark. This was made by a group of 3 eight-year-olds; alas, it never made the final edit). Anyway, the LEDs and photo resistors (hacked out of solar garden lights) came from the dollar store, all the other hardware came from Radio Shack.

Hope that helps!