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Need Advice: Push a Button Get an Alert on Mobile Phone Answered

Hi all,
I'm attempting something "techy" for the first time and need a bit of help getting started, or deciding if this is possible. I'm trying to create something that will send an alert to a mobile phone if a button on another device is pushed. I'm fairly confident this is possible, but not sure what technology I could use to achieve this. I bought an Amazon Dash button to play with but not sure if that makes sense. 

A rough idea of what I'm trying to achieve: If the Amazon Dash button is pushed and HELD for more than 5 seconds, the phone it's linked to would display an alert message or sound (preferably until the button is released). The button and the phone would be located in the same room.

Does that sound feasible? What are some components/skills I would need to gather/learn for this project?

Massive thanks for the help!


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Reply 5 years ago

Thanks! Someone also pointed me to https://flic.io/ which does have an official SDK.

My circuitous plan is one half complete!