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Need HELP with project 30Kva induction heater Answered

Hi. I am Paulo from Portugal. I am trying to build that 30Kva from instructables.com but i need some help. I tryed to contact Mr Wang with no sucess. I have some amateur knowledge about electronics only. I need that machine to melt some exotic steel. It seems you are familiar with that 30kva project. Can someone help me with some answers? I would be grafeful.I already read several times that instructions and to start my first questions are: 1)What for and where connect that 4-position rotary connector? 2) what the exact specs of the main capacitors? About capacitors i found throught ebay the square black box connected on first IGVT is a snubber with specs 20uF and 800V - where to find this one? At ebay only 2nd hand... The other capacitor at the 2nd IGVT can read at scheme specs are 920uF - But how many volts?? - where to buy? And the last one of tank circuit same problem - Can read at scheme is a 3.75uF and also a "high-quality polypropylene or mica giant snubber capacitor" - How many volts?? - Where to buy? I really would apreciate your help if possible. My contact is vfr998@gmail.com . Thanks in advance and best regards. Paulo. Hope to listen from you soon.


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