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Need Help with embellishing ideas. Awesome sheer fabric, no idea how or where to use it? Answered

I have this great sheer fabric that is gray with these really neat flowers.  I have been trying to find a way to use it.  Ideallt I have to add it to a tube and make a it a sleeveless shirt.  But I have no clue how to do that.  i really dont want to have it ruffled or anything that would hide the great design on the fabric.  Its not completely sheer so if it pretty mcu has to be on top of white or light fabric.  Or on top of your skin.  Any ideas?  Or if I could turn a misfitted pencil skirt (a little too big and not fitted through the knee enough), shorten it and add the fabric to the bottom to make it a mini skirt with the sheer fabric fitting from the thight to the knee, like a pencil skirt.  I do not know how to use a pattern, and I dont have a dress form, so I have to do it by measuring and by eye.  Thanks so much!

PS...Its a really sofisticated fabric, so some of the ideas Ihave seen for embellishing are too unfinished or "funky".

Could not find pic of axactly what I want But Megan fox is wearing a dress with the stype of sheer style I like.  possibly making it V neck would be good.  Remember, mine has detailing.



10 years ago

I'd suggest that you go with a very simple shawl or tunic to be worn over a sleeveless or spagehetti-strapped silk shell dress  (in white, or black, or gray, or a rich deep va-va-voom violet, or.. you could have a lot of fun with color here :)

For a shawl, take a length of fabric no greater than the distance from you shoulders to your kness (too much shawl can be cumbersome and hem but cut edges, Use the tiniest, most delicate hem you can manage.

Put on the shell dress, & drape the shawl over your shoulders, pinning it carefully with a lightweight brooch if you like.

For a tunic, I'd suggest something like a Greek chiton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiton_%28costume%29. Take a length of fabric equal to about 1.5 times the distance from your shoulders to your ankles. For instance, my shoulders are about 54" above my ankles, so I'd need about 81" (or 2-1/4 yards) for my chiton. 

Hem both ends. Fold back the extra half length of the fabric; then wrap this around you so that both edges of the fold are one hand, the middle of the fold is in the other hand, and your body (in the shell dress) is inside this fabric "envelope." Drop the middle of the fold, and use a lightweight brooch to pin the top of the "envelope" together above the opposite shoulder. Another brooch, preferably a matching one, pins the envelope together above the other shoulder. You can stop here, or go on adding a brooch on either side to create a draped "sleeve" effect down to just above the elbow. Wrap the open side of the envelope around your waist, and tie it in place with a silk cord or self-fabric sash.

Admittedly, getting the pinning and draping just as you would like may take some practice, and perhaps a helper. If you don't like using the brooches everytime, you can attach ribbon ties in their place, or just sew the fabric together in those spots. You may want to sew the open edge of the "envelope" together about halfway up, or you may find the draping goes better with it open.

For extra "voom," make a silk flower from another bit of the fabric, attach it a hair pick, and tuck it into your most elegant updo. Wear with high heels and a Mona Lisa smile. :)